In January 2023, the Medical Informatics Initiative (MII) entered the consolidation and extension phase to further advance digitalisation in health research. In the new funding phase, the cooperation between the university hospitals is to be expanded and extended to include new partners, especially from regional care.
So-called data integration centres (DICs) have been established at the university medical sites throughout Germany. In these centres, health care data are to be made available for medical research in accordance with data protection regulations. The functionality of the DICs is now being tested and further developed in new clinical use cases of the MII.

Use Cases of the MII (Consolidation and extension phase)

In the development and networking phase (2018-2022), the consortia of the Medical Informatics Initiative have developed IT solutions for concrete use cases – to demonstrate the possibilities offered by advanced digital services and infrastructures in healthcare. The use cases address either clinical or infrastructural/methodological topics.


Use Cases of the Consortia (Development and networking phase)


In addition, numerous German university hospitals and partner institutions are involved across consortia in the following collaborative projects within the framework of the Medical Informatics Initiative: