The medical informatics initiative is open in nature. The goal is for funded consortia to recruit additional partners over the course of the project, and share successful solutions with others at a later date.

University hospitals that helped develop plans for data integration centres and were actively involved in the conceptual phase are able to join the four consortia.

Moreover, other organisations can join the initiative as network partners. Specifically, they should have a concrete interest in adopting the consortia-developed IT solutions during the later consolidation and extension phase, beginning in 2023.

To ensure researchers, doctors and, ultimately, patients benefit fully from these advances, further actors – for example outpatient care and private clinics – will be increasingly involved in data exchange from this phase.

Funding is modular in structure and divided into phases to enable responsiveness to realworld developments and changing needs in
the coming years. There will also be additional funding modules from the commencement of the development and networking phase; if necessary, the BMBF will publish specific funding policies.