The External Data Working Group (WG) establishes the administrative and organizational framework for incorporating and linking data from external sources such as health insurance companies, registries, and other data-centric initiatives.

Goals and Tasks

Beginning with the Broad Consent's "Health Insurance Data" module, the focus will be on performance data from the statutory health insurance system, which will enable a longitudinal view of patients' use of health care (patient journey) in outpatient care (prescription data, procedures), inpatient care, and rehabilitation.

The WG will be the MII's point of contact with other data holders. In addition, the WG will design solutions for the scientific use of health insurance data in clinical and health services research. To achieve its goals, the WG will work closely with existing working groups of the German Network of University Medicine (NUM), the German Network Health Service Research (DNVF), and the German Society for Epidemiology (AGENS group).

The External Data WG is jointly coordinated by the Medical Informatics Initiative and the Network of University Medicine.

Working group chairpersons:

  • Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Hoffmann (Universitätsmedizin Greifswald KöR, ICM-VC)
  • Prof. Dr. Martin Sedlmayr (Technische Universität Dresden)