All consortia are represented in the corresponding National Steering Committee, with the aim of aligning activities and agreeing parameters. Concept papers, defined requirements, and template texts will be jointly prepared and discussed in dedicated working groups, and consented by the National Steering Committee.

Representatives of all funded consortia meet regularly within the national steering committee (NSC) of the medical informatics initiative in order to coordinate activities and agree key parameters. The NSC is a platform that enables the requirements of the scientific and research community to be consolidated, discussed and jointly acted upon. Members are also multipliers, communicating NSC decisions to the consortia and supporting implementation.

MII-NSG-Sitzung. Foto: TMF e.V./Volkmar Otto
NSC meeting at the 4th of May 2022, with representatives of the consortia, the coordination office, the BMBF and the project management organisation DLR-PT, f.l.t.r.: Prof. Martin Boeker (Technische Universität München/DIFUTURE), Andreas Klein (BMBF), Prof. Markus Löffler (Universität Leipzig/SMITH), Dr. Stefanie Gehring (DLR-PT), Dr. Frank Wissing (MFT e. V./MII-Koordinationsstelle), Prof. Roland Eils (Universitätsklinikum Heidelberg, Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin/HiGHmed), Prof. Hans-Ulrich Prokosch (Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg/MIRACUM), Sebastian C. Semler (TMF e. V./MII-Koordinationsstelle), Dr. Rainer Girgenrath (DLR-PT). © TMF e.V./Volkmar Otto


  • Identification of areas/issues requiring coordination/agreement, and development of a work/time schedule with corresponding milestones.
  • Determining the number and remit of working groups, and establishment of these groups. Where required, the NSC takes decisions impacting all working groups.
  • Decisions on the establishment and composition of a dialogue forum, and the appointment of a chairperson.
  • Decisions regarding cross-consortia collaboration, such as
    • Key points for cross-consortia data use and exchange,
    • Key points for the data integration centres to be established during the development and networking stage.
  • The formulation of recommendations, e.g. regarding the application of standards.
  • Providing advice to the funding organisation on additional modules worthy of monetary support.
  • Monitoring of bodies/organisations within the medical informatics initiative, with feedback and suggestions.
  • Provision of information to and coordination with participating sites.


The national steering committee has already agreed a number of strategy and planning documents.