Transnational health care research – carefully connecting the dots towards a European Health Data Space

02/07/2024. Healthcare does not stop at regional boundaries, health care research is international. The upcoming regulation on the European Health Data Space (EHDS) could have an enormous impact on health care research as the legal framework, methods of data sharing and content interoperability would have a common foundation then. 

In 2023 three initiatives met in Berlin to prepare more specifically for the challenges to come and to learn some best practice from each other. As it turns out the three national projects look similar, but are far from being the same. In more depth the participants discussed intensively about topics like the legal framework, informed consent, semantic interoperability, data sharing processes, failures and unsolved challenges and finally about financing and sustainability.

As a main result of the workshop and the resulting intensive dialogue between representatives of all three initiatives over the past months, they formulated a joint future agenda on data use projects, which will help identifying gaps and shortcomings of the current infrastructures and significantly speed up the preparations for EHDS readiness.

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