The interoperability working group is the platform for agreeing amongst consortia the basis for ensuring interoperability between the proposed data integration centres.

Goals and tasks

The group was established in order to create a platform for coordination and agreement of interoperability between the proposed data integration centres, to plan concrete steps for achieving interoperability, and to agree corresponding minimum requirements.


The working group members held discussions in physical meetings and conference calls. Several task forces were formed within the working group to produce a number of documents, and to prepare the ground for an agreement within the national steering committee:

  • Task force DIC concepts
  • Task force core data set
  • Task force consent implementation
  • Task force process models
  • Task force meta data


Metadata on data availability, analysis options and collaboration options

Core data set

Paper summarising key points on interoperability   

Working group chairpersons:

  • Prof. Ulrich Sax (University Medical Center Göttingen)
  • Prof. Thomas Ganslandt (Universitäts Medizin Mannheim)