The roadmap sets out the key goals to be achieved within the scope of the medical informatics initiative between 2017 and 2025. Moreover, the roadmap can provide important impetus for greater interoperability within the German healthcare sector. In particular, it is a key foundation stone for interoperable patient records (but not just) across university hospitals and medical centres. The interoperability roadmap drew upon expertise from recognised organisations across Germany, including university departments for medical informatics, and national and international standardisation bodies. Moreover, efforts are currently under way to establish dialogue with industry on interoperability.

Download (in English): Roadmap - Milestones
      (March 31, 2017) [PDF | 101 kB]

Download (in German): Roadmap für die Medzininformatik-Initiative 2017-2025
      (October 1st, 2019) [PDF | 205 kB]