HD4CR consortium: health data for care and research

During the conceptual phase 2016/2017 the HD4CR consortium was funded by the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF). The Charité University Hospital of Berlin, the University Hospital of Würzburg, and Ulm University Medical Center have joined forces to develop new methods for applying and presenting health data, and to make them available for research and healthcare.

The participating hospitals and sites intend to continue participation in the medical informatics initiative. To this end, BMBF is to provide additional funding for the development and networking phase.

The sites that planned the development of a data integration centre during the conceptual phase can join one of the four fully funded consortia for the development and networking phase (DIFUTURE, HiGHmed, MIRACUM, SMITH). The aim is for these additional sites to establish data integration centres in line with the consortium they are joining, and to take part in at least one of their use cases.

Conceptual phase

During the conceptual phase, previously identified methods for the advanced use of data for healthcare, research and education were developed further and described in greater detail. At the same time, a project organisation and a target IT infrastructure for project implementation were developed.

Consortium leader
Prof. Erwin Böttinger
+49 304 5054 3002
Funding Ref. No.
Funding amount
328.800 EUR
01.08.2016 - 30.04.2017
Consortium partners
Prof. Dr. Christoph Reiners
Prof. Dr. Udo X. Kaisers